Orangeburg, SC (WLTX) -- An Orangeburg pastor says the shooting that killed a South Carolina State University student should be a call to action for the community.

"It's the church's responsibility to provide light and guidance and direction," Rev. Jerome Anderson said.

Anderson hopes that when his congregation leaves church service, they're hard a work.

"My challenge today was to get out of the pews and to get into the community to be an influence in somebody else's life and to make a difference for Christ and the Kingdom of God," he said.

Anderson is the pastor of New Mt. Zion Baptist Church, where most of his congregation are students from the local universities.

It's also right across the street from SCSU where 20-year-old Brandon Robinson was shot and killed Friday afternoon.

"The mood was kind of different today but not just with the kids, the mood was different with our entire congregation," Anderson said. "Everybody's kind of sensing that something is happening, something is going on in Orangeburg."

In his 14 years at the church,he hasn't experienced a tragedy of this magnitude.

But, Anderson says it's a much needed wake up call.

"To this degree, it seems to be a whole other level and I think it's a time of challenge and change for Orangeburg. And sometimes things happen so we can just kind of wake up and start dealing with issues that we've never dealt with," Anderson said.

Residents have shown a variety of emotions from sadness to anger.

Anderson says the reaction should be more Christ-like.

"Compassion for the Robinson family, compassion for the university, compassion for the football team, which is a part of, and even compassion for the shooter and praying for him and his situation," he said.

Rev. Anderson plans to get neighboring churches involved with community activities in light of the shooting.

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