Cayce, SC (WLTX) -- Crews are on standby and preparations are already underway for how SCE&G will respond to expected snow and ice in the coming days.

"As you can hear we're doing a lot of communication, we're in full winder weather mode," said Spokeswoman Emily Brady.

She says they work year round to be more prepared during bad weather, but when the threat is close at hand, they work to alert customers and get ready themselves.

"It's also making sure our crews are ready. We have all hands on deck in these kinds of situations so the whole company really comes together," she said.

Brady says SCE&G is in talks with other utility companies inside and outside the state to coordinate any possible opportunities for assistance.

She says the equipment is built to take some winter conditions but ice can make things worse.

"The actual lines are designed to hold a little bit of ice but it's those limbs that can fall and create the issues for us. That's why we also have tree trimming crews at the ready as well, and they'll help get through and remove any debris so that our crews can get in and get everything back to normal," said Brady.

A few weeks ago the company put rolling blackouts in place when we saw extremely cold temperatures but Brady says she does not expect that to happen this time.

"We don't anticipate any problems like that happening tomorrow and Wednesday and we're very confident in the reliability of the grid and the system," said Brady. She says they will continue to monitor the weather to determine how many crews to put into action.

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