Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- As you might expect, whenever there is snow in the forecast, people flock to the grocery stores looking for the essentials.

So as snow and ice creep their way into the Midlands, shoppers out grabbing last minute items ahead of the storm say they're ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

The National Weather Service has already issued a Winter Storm Warning for much of the Midlands, in effect from Tuesday morning to Wednesday afternoon.

Sleet and possible snow may impact travel, which is what brought roommates Devin Epps and Jessica Scott to the Bi-Lo store on Devine Street in Columbia.

"I'm terrified of weather like this," said Jessica Scott, a Georgia native who said she had only been living in Columbia a few months. "As long as the roads and everything are safe where people can drive on, I'm cool with it."

We went to two different Bi-Lo locations in Columbia. The other is on Forest Drive, also in Columbia.

Managers at both locations said they have brought in additional staff, have food orders on stand-by, and are expecting an influx of shoppers preparing themselves for the worst into the night.

"I've been through this before, so a lot of people are panicking and buying a lot of stuff," said James Bassard, who was out shopping with his wife Monday afternoon.

The weather rolling in is something many shoppers said they're prepared for as they went into the stores to get essentials like milk, canned-goods and bread.

However, not all shoppers bought into expectations.

"I typically have enough stuff at home, and I really don't think we're going to have anything," said Lee Heath, speaking about the weather.

As of Monday afternoon, the temperatures had people walking around outside in sleeveless shirts.

"It's lovely," Heath said.

James Ward shared that skepticism.

"I've got to see it to believe it," Ward said, saying that he had mixed feelings about what the weather would bring. "Maybe it'll come, maybe it won't."

But as people across the Midlands get ready for a night of rest, they are getting ready for whatever happens one way or the other.

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