Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The snow that fell in South Carolina has already begun to melt, but it still might take a while for all roads and bridges to be safe to pass again.

The system that began moving through late Tuesday brought between 1.5 to 4 inches of snow to the Midlands. There was also a light to moderate accumulation of ice, mainly on elevated surfaces and vehicles. Previous Coverage:Snow Falls Across the Midlands | How Much Snow & Ice Fell in SC

Throughout the remainder of the day, there will be pockets of sunshine, but clouds will persist. The high temperature is not expected to get more than one to three degrees above freezing.

So when will the snow and ice melt? News19 Meteorologist Amy Aaronson says there will bea fewfactors to consider both later in the day and into Thursday morning.

First, the amount of sunshine will cause the surfaces to warm beyond freezing, so that will impact the rate of melting and evaporation. Winds will also play a role--higher winds means more of the evaporating moisture can be carried away.

The air is relatively dry right now, so that also should assist in getting rid of the water.

We won't get much help with the temperatures, however. The low temperature is expected to get down to just 12 degrees. This means that any moisture on the surfaces will refreeze overnight.

The interstate and main highways have already improved, and should be fine for travel. The main concern will be on secondary roads and rural pathways, areas that school districts will have to monitor as they make the decision to reopen schools, closed them, or delay classes.

By Thursday afternoon, however, high temperatures will get into the 40s, which should melt off the remaining wintry precipitation.

News19 will continue to monitor the atmospheric conditions and give you the latest on the weather both online and on-air. You can also get updates on the closings here, on our Facebook page or Twitter accounts, or on our mobile sites.

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