Columbia, SC (WLTX) - While it may have been a headache for commuters, businesses owners, and emergency personnel, the snowthat fellein the Midlands has been a cause of celebration for most.

Soon after the snow began falling Tuesday night, News19 began receiving images of people who were excited to share what they were seeing at their homes.

On the campus of the University of South Carolina, students took to the historic Horseshoe quadrangle to have a snowball fight. Previous Coverage:Snowball Fight on the Horseshoe

After daybreak on Tuesday, we got hundreds of images of people's children and animals playing in the snow. You can see some of those pictures here: Winter Mess Photo Gallery

You can continue to send us those pictures on News19'sFacebook page or on Twitter by tweeting @WLTX or using the hastag #WinterMess

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