Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- State lawmakers could advance a bill that will make travel and parking easier for motorcycle riders.

The bill would prevent restrictions on motorcyclesin public roadways and parking garages.

Lexington County Representative Todd Atwater says right now, some structures have barred motorcycles. The bill would only apply to public projects that involvedDepartment of Transportationfunding or municipal governments. In some cases, it could mean special parking spacesfor the bikes.

Atwater says as taxpayers, the riders should not be discriminated against.

"Motorcycles have the same rights as a car. Motorcyclist are paying taxes, they're abiding by the law they have licenses as well. And it simply provided them equal access to parking garages that are public parking garages. If DOT has funding involved or city or municipalities have funding involved in it, it simply says you have to allow motorcycles in," said Atwater.

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