Columbia, SC (WLTX) --A 16-year-old and her classmates were moving and groving at the Palmetto Health Children's Hospital, all to say thanks to a beloved doctor.

"It definitely puts a stamp on moving forward, but I don't think I'd ever want to forget it," Abi Cruz said.

Abi looks like your typical teenager, happy and healthy.

But, just two years ago, it wasn't that way at all.

"The thing about cancer is you get it and you know you're fighting through it. And you're like 'I'm going to beat this,' and the sad reality is that not everyone beats it. I learned first hand you don't always win," she said.

Abi was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2012 and underwent treatment for about eight months at Palmetto Health Children's Hospital.

She says Dr. Ronnie Neuberg, who she affectionately calls Buddy, made things much easier.

"Every time Abi had to come in the hospital, I know she didn't like it particularly, but you couldn't tell by the look on her face or by the way she acted," Neuberg said. "She just is a great kid and all the residents, when they saw her would say, 'Wow she has got such a great attitude,' and she really does."

"It just kind of felt nice to have someone who didn't really look at me as being another one of the sick kids. I really appreciated that," Abi said.

Abi has been out of the hospital for a year and wanted to say thank you in a big way.

"We really wanted to make this year absolutely memorable that no one could forget and what better way to do it than a flash mob," she said.

Abi with her classmates at Cardinal Newman High School made it all happen.

"It was a very big surprise, I was not expecting it at all but they pulled it off great," Neuberg said. "This is the highlight of my week. And I'm just so honored to be a part of it."

Abi and her classmates will be dancing again at the school's 3rd Dance Marathon this Saturday.The event raises money for the Palmetto Children's Hospital by keeping dancers up on their feet all night long.

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