Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The City of Columbia has been preparing the roads for the coming winter storm.

City of Columbia public works trucks began pre-treating the roads with a brine solution beginning at 11 a.m. Monday. The agency also checked on all their fleet trucks to make sure they're in proper working order for the coming days.

Their priority is to treat the main roads coming in and out of the city first.

Unlike the previous winter storm, thisone is expected to bring a significant ice accumulation, and that does change what drivers can expect on the roads.Helpful Link:Winter Weather Driving Tips

"Snow, it packs down, you can pretty much take it easy drive really slow and you can get around," said Robert Sweatt with theColumbia Public Works Departments. "When it comes to ice, once it glazes over, gets hard you really can't drive anything on it."

It's not just a hazard on the roads; they also have to make sure their repair crews don't get hurt.

"We just put our guys on notice more, to watch out for tree limbs," Sweatt explained."There is always that potential for a tree limb to fall and hit a vehicle and knock out power, so we are a little but more concerned about that part of it this time."

The city's plows will begin clearing the roadsonce the snow/ice begins to fall.

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