Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A 4.1 magnitude earthquake has struck South Carolina.

The U.S. Geological Survey says the quake hit at 10:23 p.m. Friday in Edgefield, South Carolina.

Here are some of the email's that we have been getting from our viewers.

"We felt the earthquake here on Longtown Rd as well as my sister who lives inthe Summit by Villages at Sandhills. It was about 4 seconds long and shook theentire house. What an adrenaline rush! I hope it doesnt get any worse. " Miguel Rodriguez

"Hi this is Trish calling in from lexington we live behind Lexington high school , setting in our home office heard a rumble like a car with a big bass looked out the window no cars in sight , but then we felt the vibration through the house . Then I looked on my phone receiving a weather alert , knew at moment we just felt the quake as well! Thank team 19 and Jim Gandy we are blessed to have such a awesome team looking out for us and keeping us update her in Midlands ! " Tricia Yinger

"I thought a train was passing through. I live in Cope SC and I have a crack in the bedroom ceiling and below my kitchen cabinets...........what else can go wrong, first the power was out andnow this!!! " Marie Wade

@WLTX Earthquake last night, I felt the earth move under my feet. 4.1 here in SC.? Tinamariehartercruz (@Tinamarieharter) February 15, 2014

"My Husband Rodrigo was in a prayer meeting and I just spoke with him on the phone, he was outside loading the church van and felt as if a train went by there are no trains...hmmm....I was in Columbia with my mom (watching movies) and she screamed earthquake so, WE both felt it. And were dumbfounded by the fact that it was actually a QUAKE...OMG Me in Columbia with my MOM and My husband in Saluda, SC. Wow. Well.... What's Next? " Jennif8me

"I felt my house shake and called the police dept. To find out if I was losing it. I have never felt a earthquake in my sixty five shook my bed and chairs." PJ Sims

@WLTX Sister's home is 4 miles from epicenter. Thought oak had fallen on house. No visible damage. Will survey outside in morning? Charlie Speight (@CHSpeight) February 15, 2014

Count us with eq. My wife heard it coming. Then we both felt house shaking.Then, she could hear the rumbling tapering.No damage except nerves. " Bill Wellborn

"I felt the house shaking and heard a roaring noise. I thought it was a tornado soI ran to the door and looked out, but not even the wind was blowing." Brenda Streett

Thank you WLTX for some how relieving my fears. Heard a noise, felt my floor shake, and watched one of my large flower pots dance across my table. Didn't think about an earthquake. Walked outside to see if ice was falling from the roof. Didn't see ice but what I did see was the moon smack dead in the middle of a streak in the sky. Go figure." Karen in Hopkins

@TarynZerner Thanks! They say everything's ok @WLTX Savannah River Site officials telling #News19 that there's no damage there. #SCQuake? AsilisArt (@AsilisArt) February 15, 2014

"We felt the shaking in Irmo. I was in the living room. I thought a jet was flying really low. Valeria Curry. " Valeria Curry

"Just curious if anyone reported any sort of ground tremors in the St.Andrews area? It's about 10:30 on Friday evening and we just felt somethingthat made our whole apartment bldg shake in a way we have neverexperienced.....?" Carly Grady

My husband and I were watching Bonnie Clyde the 1967 Version when our couch trembled for about 4 seconds or so. That was about 10:30. We got up & walked through the house, and everything still seemed to be normal. I told him it felt like an Earthquake. I was "WOWED" when I got a news alert on my phone that their was confirmed reports of a Earthquake. " that was scary" CB

"I stay in Quail Hills Subdivision and i felt it. At first i thought a Jet was coming but all of a sudden the house started shaking and then my heart dropped. Never experienced this before." Cortisha Epps

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