From TV's to laptops, cameras and more, this is the ultimate deal list for you or a new grad.


COLUMBIA, SC -- In my continued search to save you time and money, today we celebrate our new local grads with a look at the best tech deals in the country.

We've had a chance to poll recent grads and here are their top 5 gift requests:

1. Cash

2. Laptops

3. Cameras

4. New TV

5. New Car

Considering #5 is probably unlikely for most families, I'm going to skip that one but this is a great time to buy a car and deals at local dealerships alongside promotional incentives are strong. Let's get to the rest of the items on the list. Want more deals?Follow @MattGranite on Twitter.

#1 Cash - My recommendation: Amex Gift Cards.

**No purchase fees through 6/6/14. Cards accepted across the country. Funds replaced if lost or stolen.

#2 $89 Off Asus 15.6" Laptop Bundle + Free Shipping

Was: $369.95

Now: $279.99

**Includes fully-loaded standard laptop, flash drive, wireless mouse, case and security software.

#3 $40 Off Samsung 16.2 MP Digital Camera + Free Shipping

Was: $129.99

Now: $89.99

**Price is $10 higher than what coupon indicates. Still a great deal.

#4a $150 Off 39" Panasonic 1080p 120Hz LED TV + Free Shipping

Was: $549.99

Now: $399.99

#4b $100 Off 39" Panasonic 1080p 60Hz LED TV + Free Shipping

Was: $399.99

Now: $299.99

Please keep in mind that stores have the right to discontinue promotions or raise prices. We have no control over that. We also don't receive any financial compensation for mentioning any store or deal. The only purpose of this series is to save you money.

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