Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Zinah Jennings's attorney, Hemphill Pride, says he's expecting a indictment when the case goes before a grand jury next week.

Jennings is the mother of Amir Jennings, a Columbia child who hasn't been seen since last November. She's been booked since December 29 ona charge of unlawful conduct towards a child.

"I don't really have any expectations. I'm really waiting to see what the indictment says," said Pride.

Pride would not comment on Zinah Jennings's knowledge of where her son might be.

Columbia police have been looking for him since December, when a missing personsreport was filed.They've executed more than one search warrant at places where investigators say the boy might have been. Investigators collected cloths with blood on them and a shovel from one of those locations.

"Zinah is sleepy. She is light luster," said Pride describing his client who is in the Richland County jail and is pregnant. "I think she's a little depressed. She certainly is showing signs of anxiety from her confinement and stress from her pregnancy. They are giving her a degree of care, certainly not the degree of care I believe she's entitled to and certainly not the care if she were not in jail."

Pride says he's visited Jennings at least once a week since a judge set her bond at $150,000. A judge has also ordered her to take medication to deal with mental instability.

"I would describe her as being pretty zonked and out of it. So, she's not doing anything to help, she's in jail," said Pride. "I would not agree to let the police department talk with her because she has criminal charges against her."

In February, Amir's grandmother, Jocelyn Jennings Nelson said at a press conference she wasn't sure if Zinah sold Amir, gave him away, or if he was taken from her.

"How do we know she knows where the child is? How do we know she wasn't trying to guess where the child could be?" said Pride. Asked if knowing was her responsibility as the toddlers' parent, Pride replied, "Well how can you hold her responsible when the state has determined her to be irresponsible because she's mentally ill? She's suffering from a disability."

Pride says he plans to, "file an appropriate motion to dismiss."

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