Clarendon County, SC (WLTX) -- A deputy was forced to shoot a suspect, after the Sheriff says a man pulled a seven inch butcher knife on him, all while he had a motorist pulled over on the side of the road.

It was 1:30 in the afternoon on Monday, when Clarendon County Deputy Danny Graham puts his lights on to pull over a speeder.

"He had issued a ticket and was standing at the car, explaining the ticket to him," said Sheriff Randy Garrett. "All law enforcement officers are trained that traffic stops are never routine. They're not normal. Anything can happen at anytime."

Sheriff Garrett takes us play-by-play through the traffic stop as it happens.

"This individual walking down the road whips out a knife. Lunges at the deputy with a knife. Of course our deputy backs up, pulls his weapon, and shot him," said Garrett.

The suspect, 37-year-old Anthony Pearson, is being charged with attempted murder of a police officer. Sheriff Garrett says it's no question, the deputy made the right decision.

"We've looked at the video dozens of times. We've interviewed and everything. It's a justified shoot in my book. He's clear."

"Did he do exactly what he trained to do?" Asked News19. "Exactly. Was just prepared, period," said Garrett.

The Sheriff says this isn't the suspects only run in with the law, Pearson was shot in the shoulder in an altercation with police. As for a motive behind the attacks?

"Don't know. He hasn't said a whole lot."

An unusual traffic stop caught on dash cam video. One the Sheriff says is just another reason why they prepare for the unexpected.

"When you think of all types of situations that can occur during a traffic stop, this is not one that comes to mind."

Sheriff Garrett says the deputy, Danny Graham, was given the day off today however, the Sheriff says Graham politely declined the offer, and was back at work.

The suspect was treated in Clarendon County and is currently awaiting a bond hearing in jail. The speeder was a little shaken up and still received their ticket.

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