Columbia, SC (WLTX) - For months a Midlands church and its neighbors have been at odds.

"I am sorry we don't worship the Lord quietly and that is everyone's preference how you worship the Lord. We just happen to be a Pentecostal apostolic church and our praise is very vocal to the Lord," said Apostle Johnnie Clark of the Rehoboth United Assemblies Church in Columbia.

The church, nestled on Laurel Street for the last 30 years now finds itself next to newly developed town-homes.

"And we've never had any trouble from anybody until recently," said Clark.

Since October, the church's neighbors have been complaining about the loud noise coming from the church both day and night.

More than ten times Columbia police have been called to the church, sometimes four officers at a time. Apostle Johnnie Clark says he thinks they aren't doing anything wrong.

"I feel as if I was disrespected, I also feel frustrated, because what they are calling noise is our form of worships."

But neighbors Sheri Callahn and Tim Ellis say they can hear the church's services inside their home.

They recorded the service to show police what it sounds like.

Clark says the police calls have gotten out of hand.

During their Thanksgiving service, held in the mornings, officers came to the church after complaint phone calls.

"Forty minutes into our service, we started at 9 a.m. the police were called; they came over and said we were disturbing the neighbor."

Wes.a next door neighbor to the church, says the noise is a problem.

"If we had a party at my house I would not be able to pull out the speakers and point them at the church while they are having prayer so I don't think they should be able to be loud and obnoxious while we are trying to sleep or have quiet time in our homes," said Wes.

Apostle Clark says they have tried to work with their neighbors.

"I don't think we should not have to compromise our form of worship because the city zoning allowed them to build a house this close to the church."

Callahan and Ellis say this is not a religion issue, it's about the church not caring about their neighbors and being respectful.

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