Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Lillian McBride has officially resigned as Executive Director of Richland County Elections and Voter Registration.

"I move that the board accept the letter from Ms. Lillian McBride relinquishing the current position as executive director of the Office of Elections and Voter Registration," member of the board, Adell Adams, said.

Nearly two months after the general election debacle, Lillian McBride wrote a resignation letter to the board of Elections and Voter Registration.

"Coming here today was Ms. McBride's idea," said John Nichols, attorney for McBride. "This was brought to the board today before this meeting voluntarily. It was Ms. McBride's own volition to be here today and present this letter to the board."

Vice-Chair Allen Dowdy read McBride's letter in full, which in part stated; "I shall relinquish my duties and responsibilities and leave my current position as Executive Director effective January 12, 2013."

And although the board was facing heavy criticism from voters and even elected officials, Nichols applauds the board for their actions.

"The board handled this in a very professional manner. I think the board showed great patience and great courage. They allowed things to take a normal course rather than a rush to judgment or a rush to knuckle under a lot of pressure that they felt. And at the end of the day, I think this will help move thingsforward as Ms. McBride said in her letter," Nichols said.

The board did acknowledge that they are looking for a suitable position for McBride within the Elections and Voter Registration Office.

Dr. Jasper Salmond has been appointed as acting executive director in McBride's absence. He will be part-time and Dowdy said he will not be considered for the full-time position.

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