Spartanburg, SC (WLTX) -- It may be the play people are still talking about, but moments before the Clowney collision, a controversial first down had Gamecock fans in an uproar.

The uproar included3-year old Ada Foster and her 6-year old sister Logan of Spartanburg.

The YouTube video has gotten tens of thousands of views as the girls break down the first down call.

Ada said, "See, the pole is supposed to be here but, see his shoe and the white and black sock, the football is really not touching that."

Pointing with her pencil against the television she continued her rant against the referees.

"It's really not, because it is closer to that and it is a little bit a spot and the referee said it was touching that pole," said Ada.

The girls dad says he could not pass up shooting video of the rant.

"I had only gotten about a minutes worth of about 5 minutes of them going on and on and on and of course we posted it online and it just kind of snowballed," said Jason Foster.

Even though this new-found fame has made things very busy at the Foster's home, Jason and his wife Deidra say it is all worth it to see the girls excitement.

Jason said, "The girls have really been excited, I know it is hard to see and keep their attention, but they have really been having a ball with it, ever since last night all through this morning they have had a great time."

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