Orangeburg, SC (WLTX) -Thousands of people came out to the annual Raccoon Hunt in Orangeburg; meaning big business for local businesses.

With hundreds of dogs, brings thousands of people.

"You hunt two nights and then the top dogs go out the final night," said John Miles.

The 48th annual "Coon Hunt" in Orangeburg is one of the biggest hunting events in the country.

"We come every year and see everyone and buy supplies," said Miles.

This is Miles' seventh time coming to the hunt, he drove all the way from Virginia.

"It's a hobby, my wife has never hunted before, she met me and we went hunting and I dropped her in the swamp and she has loved it ever since."

"Just enjoy dogs and meeting a lot of nice people here," said James Weitman.

Weitman is from Georgia.

"Last year was a good crowd so we were expecting the same large crowd. I was surprised last year when I came to see this many dog people in one gathering."

Thousands of people come near and far for the hunt and it is not just fun for the hunters, the Orangeburg Chamber of Commerce says an estimated two million dollars will be spent over the weekend.

"We went out to dinner last night and the parking lot was full of people from Florida and other places, I can imagine it brings a lot of money here," said Miles.

Hunters say no raccoons were hurt during the event, it's just a weekend away from home meeting new people.

"We enjoy it every year. When we live here and go back home we tell everyone about it and try to get them to come. We are going to come every year as long as they keep doing it."

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