Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The juryhas been selectedin the trial of a man accused of killing two people in Irmo's Ascot Subdivision.

The jury was picked early Tuesday evening in the case against Brett Parker.

Parker is accused of killing his wife, Tammie Parker, and his friend Bryan Capnerhurst at the Parkers' home in April of 2012. Prosecutors believe the case is premeditated murder; Parker's attorneys, however, argue Capnerhurst killed Tammie Parker, and that Brett Parker killed his friend out of fear for his life.

During pre trial motions prosecutors made accusations that Brett Parker sent romantic text messages to a woman just hours before the killings. Prosecutors also claim Parker had more than $4,500 on him at the time and that Capnerhurst was trying to collect a gambling debt.

They argue the affair and debts point to a motive.

Parker's lawyer maintains he was acting in self-defense and only fired after Capnerhurst shot his wife.

Almost 90 people made up the potential jury pool for the trial. During Tuesday's hearings, the men and women were asked a variety of questions, including if they had objections to the National Rifle Association and gun ownerships and gambling. They also were asked about how much media coverage they had seen about the case.

Opening statements are expected to begin Wednesday.

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