Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Jurors in the Brett Parker double murder trial heard testimonyWednesday from an alleged mistress of the suspect and claims by the defense about one of the victims.

Parker is accused ofshooting to deathhis wife, Tammy, and a business associate, Bryan Capnerhurst, at the Parkers' home in April of 2012.

Parker claims Bryan Capnerhurst shot his wife, and in turn shot Capnerhurst in self-defense.

The prosecution brought Richland County Lt. Scott McDonald to the stand. McDonald testified thatParker researched a one-way flight to Memphis, TN the day before turning himself in.

In turn, Parker's defense asked McDonald about Bryan Capnerhurst's wife's conviction of embezzlement a decade ago.His attorneysused that portion of the testimonyto put forth their theory that Capnerhurst had come to the home on the day of the killings to rob Brett Parker.

However, McDonald also said that forensic evidence suggests Capnerhurst could not have fired the weapon that was found in his hand at the crime scene.

"The hole in Mr. Capnerhurst's arm was about the size of a ping pong ball," McDonald said."Medical experts tell us there was no way he could have held that gun at that point...numerousinconsistenciesthat we had to try to investigatefurther."

Testimony was also heard from a woman prosecutors say Brett had an affair with.According to the solicitor's office, the affair was Brett's way out of his marriage.

"What did you understand about his marriage?" she was asked by prosecutors. "That he was separating from his wife," she said.

"What did he say about financial?" prosecutors asked. "That it was going to be difficult to get it all down on paper," she said.

The woman is also saying Brett told her about a gun he had at his home. Defense attorneys say the gun was for protection, allowing him to defend his home after it had been robbed once before.

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