Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The South CarolinaDepartment of Public Safety released dash cam video Thursdaytaken during the arrest of State Representative Ted Vick.

The release came after WLTX and other media outlets requested the video under the Freedom of Information Act.

Vick, aChesterfield County Democrat, was arrested Tuesday nighton the grounds of the State Houseon a charge of driving under the influence.

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According to the incident report, a Bureau of Protective Services officer saw Vick stumbling near the entrance of the garage at the capitol complex. The officer says Vick got into his truck and was having trouble driving in a straight line.

Video released from the stop shows an officer's attempt to restrain Vick, and also records the conversation with Vick and an arresting officer. In one point of the discussion, Vick asks the officer to take off the handcuffs and at another point tells the officer he is not intoxicated and only drove his truck 100 feet.

"I can't believe I've got handcuffs on me at the State House," Vick said on the tape. "I hadn't harmed anybody. I haven't done anything."

He tells the officer that if he will let him go, someone else will pick up his truck.

There is also an exchange where an officer asks Vick to rate himself on a scale from zero to 10 how drunk he is. The lawmaker replied by saying "no comment."

Vick maintains he is innocent.On the tape,Vickcan beheard saying, "I'm not intoxicated."

His lawyer, Rep. Todd Rutherford, tells News19 "There is no way that Mr. Vick had too much to drink before he got in that car." Previous Coverage:Ted Vick's Attorney Responds to DUI Arrest

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