Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The Powerball jackpot is soaring with even more millions up for grabs.

The prize jumped to $600 million Friday, and it could be bigger by the time they draw the numbers Saturday night.

Lottery mania has begun to grip the nation once again and it is pulling in some first time players like Thomas Pressley as well.

"She said that the Powerball went up when I went in the store. Yea, I'll take that chance," said Pressley.

Folks hoping to cash in bought their tickets ahead of Saturday's now $600 million jackpot, a higher payout like others we are beginning to see more frequently.

Paula Harper Bethea, Executive Director of South Carolina Education Lottery says more states participating and changes to the game have caused the those higher stakes.

"Powerball made another change, went to two dollars instead of one, and the jackpot starts at $40 million instead of $20 and it's just driven the jackpots higher," she said.

Those payouts can lead to additional players who only play when the prizes rise.

"Well, if you don't play, you can't win," said player Edward LeBlanc.

LeBlanc stopped to try his hand on some lottery tickets and even won a few dollars on a scratch off.

For some players him, mom will be well taken care of if they win big.

"First, I would give my parents what I owe them and then give some to charity," said LeBlanc.

"I would make sure my mother's taken care of, two take care of my family that I have, and three just enjoy life to the fullest," said lottery player Steven Phillips.

Lottery officials say If you buy a ticket, you should sign it immediately and put it in a safe place.

If you happen to be the big winner, they say you should get professional guidance on how to claim and how to handle that kind of money.

The Mega Millions drawing happens tonight before News19 at 11 with an estimated $190 million jackpot.

The Powerball drawing airs tomorrow night also at 11 right here on News19.

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