Sumter, SC (WLTX) -- In the wake of Sumter School District Superintendent Randolph Bynum resigning...The board is still in a tough position.

"They're trying to change so we really need to give them a chance," Lynne Nelson said.

Nelson has a lot at stake in Sumter School District as a parent and teacher at Millwood Elementary.

But she has a much different way of thinking.

"What I would love to see is the community to back off a little bit, give them some breathing room and let's all work together," Nelson said.

Nelson was one of many calling for Randolph Bynum to be ousted.

However, many are wondering if his practices will go out the door as well.

"As we stated previously, Mr. Bynum has stopped 'Sweet 16' so there will be no more 'Sweet 16.' With regard to the K-1 and 2 grading initiative and raising it to the 3rd grade, Mr. Bynum also stopped that," School Board Chairman Keith Schultz said.

Schultz says Bynum's resignation was unexpected.

And with the school year starting in less than a month, they need someone new.

"It is our goal to have an interim superintendent in place, prior to that date, there are some school functions that begin in the middle to latter part of next week," Schultz said. "Although it might not be absolutely necessary that we have someone in place in an interim superintendent position, it's certainly important that we acknowledge those events and act in a timely fashion."

And if any parents and teachers are looking to give their opinions on the matter at next Monday's meeting, it probably won't happen.

"There will be no format of public participation at our Monday meeting. With regard to the public's feedback and being able to be heard, they're being heard. I've fielded well over 100 phone calls in thelast several days," Schultz said.

Even with a resignation and some unrest in the county, Nelson says this is just the thing that will be the kick off to a great school year.

"I'm just very optimistic from this point. We already know, right now, today this year no matter what else happens, this year will be much better than last year because Bynum's gone," Nelson said.

Next Monday's meeting will take place at Alice Drive Middle school at 6 pm.

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