Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Every summer mosquitoes invade your yards and just about any place you go that's outdoors.

The constant rain this month has left a lot of standing water, resulting in more breeding grounds for mosquitoes to grow.

Many people just buy sprays and candles to keep the mosquitoes off but gardeners say there is a green way to keep them out of your yards.

"There are a lot of plants that do repel mosquitoes and other insects," said Robin Klein.

Klein at Woddley's Garden in Columbia says just simply adding certain plants to your yard will help keep mosquitoes from chasing you back inside.

"Because of the strong smell that they have some are mosquito repellant or they have compounds in the leaves is equivalent to things like deet and things like that."

Klein says plants like Citronella are mosquito repellants and are inexpensive.

"This is what they use in Citronella scented candles this is also a lemon sent and the smell is so strong it makes the mosquitoes smell this more than they smell us humans."

Also, flowers like Marigolds and Lemongrass work. And for something you can use later on in your kitchen, herbs like Rose Marry and Basil will keep the bloodsuckers at bay.

"Rosemary is a great herb to be used for mosquito repellent and is also great to use in cooking or making soap. Basil is not lemon scented but its strong and it confuses them and makes them stay away from you and basil also makes great spaghetti and other things."

But if planting isn't your thing.. Donnie Wheelis at Ace Hardware in Cayce says there are a lot of products that are flying off their shelves.

"Cutter makes products that you can spray your whole backyard with and it will last for like 72 hours and that's good if you have a gathering so you can keep the pest off your guest," said Wheelis.

Here are a few home remedies to keep mosquitoes away:

  • --go to our website to see how to build a mosquito trap using only a 2 liter soda bottle
  • --eating garlic, whether it's capsules or cloves, you might chase away more people than mosquitoes, but does work
  • --Fabric softener sheets-rubbed on the skin, sometimes put under ball caps or tucked into pockets, this works-

If you have mosquito bites use these tips:

  • --dab a little ammonia on bite
  • --crush an aspirin and mist with a little water to form a paste and put on bites
  • --can also do the same with baking soda
  • --rubbing the itchy bite with the pulpy inside surface of a banana peel
  • --a little peppermint toothpaste applied to bite area
  • --crushed Basil leaves and apply to bites
  • --Milk and water-equal parts milk and water on towel apply to bites
  • --honey-apply directly to bites-its anit-inflammatory and antibacterial
  • --tea bags-BLACK TEA-acts as an astringent, draws skeeters fluids from skin
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