Blythewood, SC (WLTX) - Richland District Two students started school Wednesday and for some parents despite school ending just before three o'clock, they weren't reunited with their children until almost three hours later.

For Claudia Nairne and her 10 year old son, the first day of school at Bethel-Hanberry Elementary got off to a rough start. But since it was the first day, she knew it would take some time for the buses to adjust to new routes.

She says school gets out just before 3'o clock and the students in her neighborhood get dropped off no later than 3:45PM.

"3:45-4:00 we were like ok it's the first day and then you start to worry because your kids aren't here, the high school students came home before them," said Nairne.

Parents say they called the transportation department but no one answered; so they called the school.

"The school said they left at 4:10PM because the bus broke down; well they didn't tell us that."

Nearly three hours went by and she still did know where her sons bus was until he called and said their bus broke down again in a nearby neighborhood.

Nairne is upset because the school never alerted them about the bus breaking down for a second time.

"If you don't let the parents know what is going on we won't know where our children are. We don't know if they were in an accident, we didn't know anything."

A Richland District Two spokesperson tells us that parents were notified during the summer to be patient and expect delays during the first few weeks of school.

Nairne says there is no excuse for parents not being notified that their child's bus is broken down.

"No one knew what was the deal or why they were so late, until we started making phone calls and I don't think that is right."

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