Sumter, SC (WLTX) -- A mother in Sumter is upset after she says her fourth grade son was attacked and choked by a grown man right on school property.

It happened at Crosswell Elementary school in Sumter.

"He could have killed my child," said mother Tiffany Drayton on Friday.

Drayton said for as long as her 9-year-old son, Javieon Drayton, has been in school, he's been a model student.

"(As) far as his behavior and him being a disrespectful child, that's not the case," Drayton said of her son.

Which is why she was shocked when Javieon came home from school Thursday and told her he had been attacked and choked inside the school.

The incident occured as children were lining up to be released from school yesterday at Crosswell. Javieon stepped out of line, and a man who was at the school visiting his grandchild confronted Javieon.

"He actually kind of pushed me against the wall and hold (sic) me around my neck," recounted Javieon.

It didn't stop after that, because Javieon says he was confronted by the man a second time as he was gathering his belongings.

"I thought that I left my jacket in the multipurpose room," Javieon said, so I was going to go over there. Then I came across him again."

Sumter School Superintendent Dr. Frank Baker said the man was there lawfully because he had signed in as a visitor through the appropriate channels.

"Everything was in order for that individual to be visiting that school," said Baker.

Baker said the incident was isolated, and had never heard of anything like it happening before.

"If they were right there in close proximity, I'm sure that every teacher is going to do everything to provide the safe, well being environment for that child," Baker said.

Since the incident, Ms. Drayton has filed a police report.

"He just automatically assumed that he could put his hands around my child's neck and (there) would be no repercussions," she said.

Sumter Police say they're still investigation.

No charges have been filed.

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