Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Soon there will be more traffic on Decker Boulevard in Columbia after County council approved the renovations of the old Kroger shopping center in the area.

"The fact that something significant is happening with that big empty space is just huge," said Councilman Jim Manning.

Two year ago Richland County leaders bought the old Kroger shopping center on Decker Boulevard.

Council recently allotted the final funds to turn the building into a law enforcement complex housing the magistrate court which is currently on Huger street and moving the Richland County Sheriff Department Region Two Headquarters to the location.

"About 80% of that mall has been gutted on the inside so we are now moving forward on the construction phase."

Council approved 31 million dollars from bond money to pay for the renovations.

Councilman Manning says not only will it give the area a police presence but it will bring more traffic to the international corridor.

"It's going to let people who have been hearing about it to actually be there, see it, know where it is and have them come back."

"It's just a great opportunity to continue to progress on the mission that the sheriff has put us in as well as programs that he has put in place to better serve the community," said Captain Chris Cowan.

Cowan says it will not only be the region two headquarters but it will house other department offices.

"We will be placing logistics and supply, some other uniform type of services will be working out of that facility as well, some juvenile services because the sheriff is really big on youth diversion programs so there are different things that we will be doing to partner with the community on to work more closely with the community."

Councilman Manning says that the project should be complete in the fall of 2015.

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