Columbia, SC (WLTX) A 16 inch water main break has caused part of Beltline Blvd to buckle.

From Beltline and Blossom street to Beltline and Azalea streets near Midlands Tech, all lanes have been closed.

City officials on site say this was caused by the cold temperatures experienced in the last few days and the warmer weather causing the pipes to thaw out and burst.

"We are actually replacing a lot of the line here on Beltline. Where this break occurred is close to the end of where we stopped the last project. So we suspect its going to be right at the tie in point to where this break occurred. We have a project thats ready to go out soon to extend this new line all the way to Rosewood Drive and replace other 16 inch lines where we have had breaks in the past," said Joey Jacco, Columbia Engineering Director.

City of Columbia Water works employees are working on the problem but expect all lanes to be closed.

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