Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Since the storm hitting most of the south has been forecasted, the Irmo Fire District has been making sure they're ready to respond to calls in even the most icy conditions.

A higher call volume is expected as road conditions worsen and in order to handle the increase, the district is not only fully-staffed, but also has part-timers ready on call. Once the snow accumulates, an extra car will be sent out with shovels, kitty litter and ice melt to help them navigate through even the most remote areas.

Aside from stocking up on those items, the district also has built in snow chains on their trucks that can be used with just the press of a button.

"When you engage the button in the dash, they swing down on an arm and the tire catches the pieces of chain that are attached to the drum and that starts the spinning process on the drum," said Irmo Fire District Engineer Jason Poole. "So the tire is constantly continuously rolling over chains, there's always chains under the tire, between the tire and the road."

Fire officials say inclement weather will cause a little bit of a delay in response time, but add that they will respond to every call.

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