Calhoun County, SC (WLTX) -- The area that saw the most snowfall overnight is now preparing for a possible refreeze tonight.

Sandy Run in Calhoun County saw aboutfour inches of snow in some areas.

Bill Minikiewicz, the county's emergency services director, says crews were busy this morning responding to severalaccidents.

"It was fairly quite last night after about 10 p.m. I think people decided to stay in. We ran several accidents this morning, as I just stated, on the interstate and some of the secondary roads. We've also operated with the conjunction of the Red Cross, had a shelter in St. Matthews," said Minikiewicz.

Now he is concerned about that melted ice and snow coming back to create another problem.

"We hope that the roads will melt and clear up and dry before this evening because of course the temperature is going to go down again and when you get that ice on the roads that makes for pretty treacherous driving," he said.

He warns drivers should be cautious if they have to travel.

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