Lexington, SC (WLTX) -- The Town of Lexington's population is expected to grow by 80 percent over the next 10 years.

That fact, according to town officials is helping to propel plans to help manage the town's growth.

Town Council's meeting Monday evening was an update for council members on Lexington's ongoing "Vision Plan,"part of which includes the opening of a new dog park, called the Lexington Paw Park.

That park has been open for about a month, said Lexington Mayor Steve MacDougall.

The plan also includes ongoing construction of a 3,500 foot walking trail near 14 Mile Creek.

The trail with the fitting name of, 14 Mile Creek Trail, and officials are "hoping" it will be open next month.

Another part of the plan was "Project Icehouse," which MacDougall said will be a large mixed-use facility that will include retail shops and will also house a 500 seat amphitheatre that would be on Main street.

MacDougall said the town is still taking bids till Friday on Project Icehouse and he is looking forward to getting the project off the ground.

"We're making plans right now for that growth and we're doing things today to make sure that when 15 (or) 20 years down the road comes, we're ready for it," MacDougall said after the Town Council meeting Monday. "Our infrastructure is in place, as far as water and sewer, so now we can really concentrate on the other aspects of it."

One of the other aspects is an ongoing traffic improvement plan which began toward the end of last summer.

The project now stands at about 95 percent completion, according to MacDougall.

That includes adding acceleration, deceleration, and turn lanes for cars as well adjustments to traffic signals.

MacDougall said $16 million in allocated funds from the South Carolina Department of Transportation make it possible.

According to MacDougall, they will also be using more than $4 million to build a system that would put all of the town's traffic signals on one system, meaning if one area of the town is seeing more traffic than others, an adjustment can be made to the town's signals in other areas to funnel traffic.

It will be called InSync, MacDougall said.

"It's projected to reduce traffic congestion by 30 percent," MacDougall said. "It's not an end-all to our traffic congestion, but it certainly is a big step in the right direction."

"We know that the phase one project - the widening of the three major intersections through town, coupled with the traffic signalization system - we will definitely reduce traffic congestion in the town of Lexington," he said.

MacDougall said it was not yet clear if the town of Lexington or SCDOT officials would control the traffic signals and had no timeline on when that project would be completed.

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