Columbia, SC (WLTX)-In 2013 the FBI arrested 126 gang members and associates throughout South Carolina.

On November 7, 2013 aftera year long investigation the Columbia Violent Gang Task Force arrested 8 members of a major drug trafficking organization.

"At this point we were ready to take this group off the streets and you have to say enough is enough," said Michael Stansbury, Supervisor Special Agent for the Columbia FBI division.

The task force started inthe streets buying drugs from local dealers.

"We video and audio record those conversations," said SSA Stansbury. "Then we look at those targets and see who are these people talking to and try and figure out what level of sophistication they have."

For this the agency got help from the Atlanta Swat team, Richland County Sheriff's Department, Columbia Police Department, and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

All moving togetherSo the suspects don't have time to tip each other off.

But operations don't always go as planned.

A chase down I-20 ensued at 7:45in the morningin the middle of the morning rush.

"We had one vehicle in front of the subject and used the other vehicle to pin the subjects car in so he couldn't evade lawenforcement. A little damage to FBI vehicle is nothing compared to endangering the public ."

Federal agents say the chase was over in a matter of minutes- the result- the suspect arrested and his car totaled.

By mid-afternoon the searches resulted in the seizure of multiple kilograms of cocaine, several firearms and large sums of money.

In this case the defendants were charged with intent to distribute and the distribution of 5 kilograms of cocaine and 280 grams or more of crack cocaine.

"If you are in a gang you should be scared. There is only two things that end up happening to gang members most of the time- You are either going to end up in a coffin or in prison.

The third thing really is to get out of the gang and sometimes people do and that is what people need to realize the end result is only bad."

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