Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The winter storm that rolled through the Midlandshas finally ended.

The last of the snow wrapped up around 1 p.m. in the region.

The snow fell again across much of the central and northern Midlands Thursday morning and early afternoon.

With a high of just 39 degrees today, however,significant melting is not expected, so much of the ice and snow will still be on the ground through Friday.

The most severe part of this three day long weather event began early Wednesday morningaround 3 a.m. The precipitationstartedoffas snow in the northern Midlands and sleet or ice in the central and southern part of the area. By the end of the day though, most of the Midlands had seen all three types of frozen precipitation.

Here are some of the snow/ice/sleet totals reported to the National Weather Service Wednesday:

4-6 inches in Fairfield County, including a report of 8 inches in the Silverstreet area.

4-6 inches were also reported in Newberry County.

4-6 inches fell in northern portions of Kershaw County

2-4 inches fell in southern parts of Kershaw County

1-4 inches were reported in Richland County,with northern parts of the county with the higher amounts.

4.0 inches of snow/sleet in Chapin

3.0 inches of sleet/snow in Forest Acres/Columbia

.75 - 1 inch of ice in Orangeburg

0.5 inches of ice in Swansea/Gaston

.75 - 1 inch of ice in Manning

1.25" ice in Barnwell

.25 inches of ice in Bishopville

.30 inches of ice in Camden

Areas that saw ice accumulations of a quarter inch of more also had a large amount of power outages, as the frozen precipitation weighed down power lines and sent tree limbs tumbling on power poles.

Orangeburg County appeared to be one of the hardest hit areas,with over 7,800 homes and businesses without power, according to SCE&G. That total does not include customers served by the co-ops in the county.

This winter storm originallybegan Tuesday as a blanketing ofsnow across the northern region of the Midlands.Kershaw, Newberry, Fairfield,and even northern Richland and Lexington Counties saw accumulation.Thelargestsnowfall total from Tuesday was 2.5 inches in the town of Ridgeway in Fairfield County.

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