The police chief who was reinstated to his job in Simpsonville wants more than $100,000 back pay and a seven year contract.


SIMPSONVILLE, S.C. (AP) - The police chief reinstated to his job by the Simpsonville City Council wants more than $100,000 in back pay and a seven-year contract.

Simpsonville Mayor Perry Eichor gave The Greenville News a copy of the proposed contract for Chief Keith Grounsell given to the City Council. Grounsell was fired in 2012, but a change on City Council after last November's election led the city to agree to hire him back last month.

The contract calls for $112,000 in back pay and benefits Grounsell lost during the 14 months he didn't have the job.

Grounsell told the newspaper he wouldn't talk about his proposal until the City Council votes.

Councilman Matthew Gooch voted against rehiring Grounsell and thinks the contract would be a bad precedent for other city department leaders.

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