Newberry County, SC (WLTX) -- Shortly before 4:00PM the Newberry County Sheriff's Department reported that all four Tennessee murder suspects were captured.

Sheriff Foster says they could not have arrested the four teens without the help from the community.

WLTX spoke with a Midlands farmer who saw the suspects and helped end a 12- hour manhunt.

"When I started to run towards them I yelled hey stop, I even yelled hey police, stop, but they did run. The helicopter had just come over the farm and I told the dispatcher and they turned the helicopter around and he came right back and they were right on top of them," Todd Lever, a resident who saw the suspects on his farm.

Lever was out on his farm when he heard a noise and saw the suspects.

Sheriff Foster says one of the suspects, Zack Blanchard allegedly killed his father, Robert in Tennessee and he along with three other teens fled to South Carolina with an AK-47 and shotguns.

A deputy spiked the vehicle's tires in South Carolina , but the teens didn't stop, instead they took off running down state highway 34.

More than 100 law enforcement officers searched the area by ground and air but Sheriff Foster says if it wasn't for residents like Lever being aware and staying informed by watching the news, the arrest could not have happened.

"A good citizen that reports the information and a good community minded member that takes to heart what's going on.That's what we were trying to do from the beginning of this was to get out as much info as we could from the media and through our alert system and going door to door," said Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster.

Lever as soon as he saw the teens, he knew they matched the description he'd heard on News19.

"I was like that was them; that's the description that was given. I took off running to them and I think it scared them but I was on the phone with dispatch."

Several weapons were found in the car and the teens also tossed some in a creek.

Lever is just happy that everyone can sleep tonight knowing they are safe.

"This is our place this is where we live and we are going to do anything to protect it. We have great law enforcement and we work with them. I feel like I am a part of the community and it's my responsibility. "

There is no word on when the teens will be taken back to Tennessee.

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The suspects were located after a citizen saw them run through a field into a wooded area, and phoned law enforcement to notify them of the spotting.

Officers quickly surrounded the area, in addition to air support from one of the law enforcement helicopters, and quickly tracked the suspects, taking them into custody without incident.

The Manhunt Is Over

The Sheriff's Department says the suspects will be transported to the Newberry County Sheriff's Office, where further disposition of the suspects is pending.

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