Swansea, SC (WLTX) -- Hundreds of illegal gambling machines in Swansea have been seized by SLED at what used to be an old sewing machine warehouse,

"This is a very sizeable seizure, this is the of this particular largest type that we have had in the state," Thom Berry with SLED said.

SLED agents were busy loading trailer after trailer of gambling machines.

The bust came after a Swansea Police Officer responded to the smell of smoke early Monday.

"The officer came to this building and noticed some water coming out of the building. He reported that in and ultimately Lexington County Fire Service responded," Berry said. "They made entry into an unlocked door in the building and that's when all of this was found.

And where there was smoke, there were 750 illegal gambling machines--many of them were disguised.

"They may have started out as a Pot O' Gold machine. And a sticker would be placed over the front that would create a sweepstakes machine," he said.

Some of the hundreds of machines were empty, just the outside of the unit in place, with wires exposed.

"It also appears that there was refurbishing of machines that was going on here because we have found circuit boards, prongs that would establish and open up a particular game within a machine," Berry said.

SLED says they found lots of machines with state stickers from North Carolina, Alabama and Florida.

And say this old sewing machine warehouse was probably a hub.

"It appears that this facility was being used as a central assembly point, if you will, where machines would be brought in, stored, refurbished and then go where ever they are sent," Berry said.

SLED says no one has been arrested in connection with the incident and the investigation continues.

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