South Carolina is now home to two of four Wal-Mart Care Clinics in the nation, and one of them is in the Midlands


Wal-Mart opened two care clinics in South Carolina on Thursday, and one of them is in the Midlands.

Sumter is now home to one of the four clinics in the country that's open seven days a week. The center treats regular illnesses like colds and flus, but also performs bloodwork and treats lasting conditions.

Wal-Mart officials chose Sumter and Florence based on its need and say they hope it will encourage people to get treated locally.

"Sumter is a great community, we are huge fans of South Carolina," said Wal-Mart Senior Director, Jennifer LaPerre. "As we were looking at where best to serve our customers and associates, these particular communities rose to the top of the list."

Anyone over the age of two can be treated at the clinic.The center is staffed with nurse practitioners who are qualified to write prescriptions.

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