With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) helping to make health care more accessible, will events like SC Mission become obsolete?

Friday, hundreds of people flocked to the fairgrounds looking for free medical and vision screenings through SC Mission 2014.

One of those people was Karen McDaniel.

"It was an opportunity to check my eyes out," Karen McDaniel said. "I thought it was a blessing because I needed eye care. For the last two years it seems like I haven't been able to see as good as I used to."

Before noon, the vision screenings were booked for the day--that's almost 300 slots.

In it's fourth year, SC Mission has seen more than 2,700 patients.

But with such a push for more affordable and accessible health care, will events like these no longer be necessary?

"Ultimately, the ACA did expand coverage, but there still are people who are falling into the gap with states that are not accepting federal funds to cover people who are uninsured now," Lauren Knotteck with the Appleseed Legal Justice Center said.

Under the Affordable Care Act, dental is a separate plan, and vision screenings aren't included within any plans.

"Families may have chosen a plan that was very basic, did not have dental, did not have vision to opt out of that extra $10 that they may need to go toward electricity or go toward food," Knotteck said.

According Knottek, there are about 600,000 people in the state who are uninsured.

And about 200,000 of them fall in the gap of not qualifying for medicaid or the Affordable Care Act.

"I'm glad that we're able to get the help we need," McDaniel said.

SC Mission 2014 continues Saturday from 6 a.m. to noon at the South Carolina State Fairgrounds.

People 17 and up can be seen by doctors and all services are free.

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