Richland County Council chair Norman Jackson owes $45,000 in state ethics violations.


Columbia, SC (WLTX) -The chair of the Richland County Council has been hit with a $45,000 fine from the State Ethics Commission.

According to the commission Councilman Norman Jackson did not properly file his campaign disclosure form from 2011 and fines have racked up nearly $50,000.

Jackson says his online filing system did not show that his account was not closed properly and is questioning why it took the ethics commission nearly three years to notify him about the error.

"I paid my fee I was charged $100 and I paid twice because they sent me a letter saying they didn't get it and I have the checks to show that I did pay it, but they continue to pile up the fees even though I was working with them to resolve the whole thing so at the end of the say I was told that I owe $45,000 and that is a concern of mine," said Jackson.

Jackson has appealed the fine and will go before the commission sometime in May.

"It's a big misunderstanding, I don't think it will negatively affect me as people know me for the work I do and what I stand for and this is about reporting quarterly reports and nothing else."

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