Despite stores like Books-a-Million closing, Carol Doonan says she believes she'l have much success as a business owner in Trenholm Plaza when she opens a Fab'rik clothing franchise on March 7th


While some stores in the Forest Acres area like Books-A-Million are calling it quits, one woman is kick-starting her 30-year-long dream by becoming the latest owner of the popular clothing franchise, Fab'rik.

Though she threw the idea around for a while, Carol Doonan says she always knew Trenholm Plaza in Forest Acres was where she wanted to be and believes it's still growing.

"This is what has always been in the back of my head, so I guess I feel like the economy is returning," said Doonan. "I feel like this is a great, stable community and I feel like it is a good place to put a business."

Despite others failing in the same shopping center, Doonan and other owners like Ivan Roldan of Hooligan's say they don't believe traffic and apathy are to blame.

"It's a sought out destination now. Before it used to be kind of like a hit-or-miss approach, if you will," said Roland. "People in the immediate area knew about it, but outside of this immediate area it was like 'Trenholm Plaza? What is that?' Now it's a definite blip on the radar."

The public has shown its loyalty, as more big company names continue to come to the plaza. Doonan says instead of seeing each other as competition, they boost each other by offering a complete experience.

"Larger companies coming in would've gone to the other areas, but I think now with a couple places opening up, people are paying more attention to the area."

Fab'rik will hold a Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting at 6 p.m. Thursday evening before it officially opens at 10 a.m. on Friday, March 7th.

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