West Columbia Council voted to renew the contract of the city's police chief, and also held a first vote to change some of the City's ordinances related to some mayoral responsibilities.


West Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- A specially called council meeting in West Columbia was held Monday, addressing the contract renewal of the city's police chief.

A vote was held earlier this month to address the issue of Chief Dennis Tyndall's contract, but some council members became upset with the vote and said it was taken out of order.

After a re-vote Monday, council members ultimately voted to extend the chief's contract for three years.

Also at the meeting, council members voted to strip the mayor of some of his responsibilities, including his ability to preside over meetings.

The move came after Councilman Dale Harley said Mayor Joseph Owens met with another council member outside of an official meeting.

Harley said that meeting was held to address the chief's contract.

"There was a sense among several of the members that the Mayor had been abusive in the process, (and) an obstructionist," Harley said after the meeting. "Tonight, we took steps to revise that."

Harley questioned the legality of the move and said he would be consulting an attorney. A second vote must be held before the changes become permanent.

It is not clear when that vote will be held.

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