Deputies say two girls sent threatening text messages to fellow students, which caused the school to be evacuated.


Lexington County, SC (WLTX) - Lexington County deputies have charged two 15-year-old Gilbert High students they say made bomb threats to their school.

According to deputies, the girls sent the threats in an attempt to get classes cancelled.

Sheriff James Metts says on Tuesday, one of the girls sent a text message about the threat to two other students. Another text was sent Thursday.

School administrators were alerted, and reported the threats to the school resource officer. Deputies say as a precaution, they evacuated the school for two hours while they investigated the claims. Officers concluded, thought, that the girls did not have the means to carry out their threats.

The girls were charged with communicating a bomb threat and disturbing schools, and were released back to their parents. Deputies will recommend that the girls be prosecuted in family court.

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