High River levels have delayed crews from taking down some Christmas displays in the Edisto River.


Orangeburg, SC (WLTX) - Usually the Christmas decorations in the Edisto Memorial Garden are taken down in January, but high river levels have kept crew from taking them down.

"If we continue to see rain then the river will continue to maintain levels above what they normally are and those ducks will still be sitting over there waiting on a rescue,"
Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities spokesman Randy Etters.

Ducks, frogs and a steamboat are still standing strong in the river. The light up display was a part of the Edisto Children's Garden Christmas.

The current level of the North Fork Edisto River is 6.1 feet deep. The river's flood stage is 8 feet. Etters says with each display weighing around 100 pounds it would be unsafe for crews to try and remove them.

"Safety for us is paramount and we want to make sure our guys are safe and we also want to make sure there is not damage to the ducks themselves," said Etters.

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