Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Public safety checks conducted over the weekend resulted in several violations for Columbia establishments.

Columbia Fire Chief Aubrey Jenkins and Acting Columbia Police Chief Melron Kelly led public safety checks in several hospitality districts, including Five Points, the Vista, and an area along Main Street.

The checks came a day after another shooting in Five Points.

"One of the main things is just people know that there's public safety folks are out to make sure they are safe," said Jenkins of the checks.

The effort resulted in several violations:

Group Therapy
2107 Green Street
Overcrowding/Shut down for the night.

Twist (Formerly known as The Library)
805 Harden Street
Locked and obstructed exit.

T & T Lounge
3003 Colonial Drive

Exit light out and combustibles stored in electrical room

Palace II
6820 Main Street
Overcrowding/Shut down for the night

700 Gervais Street
Obstructed exit

"When you got a club that's overcrowded, everyone's jammed up on one another. Your neighbor may not want you up on them and vice versa. That could lead to some type of violence," said Jenkins.

Jenkins says he believes the checks make a difference because the public knows they are out there, and if puts business owners on notice that they are being watched.

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