Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Some of the state's top Republican office holders will face challengers in this summer's primary election, including Governor Nikki Haley.

"It's really not that unusual given that particularly in this state governors are term limited they're likely to face some sort of primary challenge," said University of South Carolina Political Science Professor, Robert Oldendick. "There's always going to be in a governor's first term, or any office really, people are dissatisfied so that it's not that unusual to face a primary challenge."

He says challengers are common when candidates are in their first terms, but taking on an incumbent is not easy.

Other top Republican statewide officeholders will face opposition in the races for Treasurer, Adjutant General, Commissioner of Agriculture and Comptroller General.

Primary challenges are also set for incumbents in the U.S. congressional seats held by Jim Clyburn, Joe Wilson and Tim Scott, while Lindsey Graham faces six other Republicans looking to take over his job.

"I think it's most evident the struggle in the party is in senator graham's race. I think that he is a more traditional, more mainstream Republican and he's facing a fairly large number of challengers, all of them more conservative, so that is certainly an indication that there's some struggle," said Oldendick.

Statewide Republicans are not the only ones who will face heavy competition in June's primary.

The race for Superintendent of Education has four Democrats and eight Republicans hoping to advance to November's General Election. Four Republicans will also square off in the Lieutenant Governor's race as well.

"When you get races not at the top, races like for superintendent of education or for comptroller general even among your Republican kind of faithful vote in a primary election, there's not a lot of full policy, there's not a lot of differences between the candidates in terms of what they can actually do or what they're proposing," said Oldendick. "We still have a little bit of time between now and June, so we'll see."

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