According to Richland School District Two there are 31 students at Ridgeview High School who are classified as homeless.


Columbia, SC (WLTX)- Preparing for college isn't an easy task, but doing so with financial struggles at home is even more challenging.

"It's always been my dream to go to a four year college," said a Ridge View High School student.

We have chosen to conceal her identity because many of her classmates do not know of her financial situation at home.

"I grew up very different than others I guess you could say," she said.

According to Richland School District Two, the 17 year old is among 31 homeless students at Ridge View High School.

"Having your own room, having your own bed, your own shoes, anything you can call your own... take pride in it, love it and cherish it," she said.

She has been apart of the gear up program since the 9th grade, it is run by Krisitin Seay.

"Our goal is to increase student achievement and get students into college," said Seay.

There are four students in the program who have received scholarships and will be graduating and going to college in the fall.

"You really see as kids get older the increasing problem of homelessness and we have a lot of people trying to still bounce back from the economic downturn," said Seay.

The Ridge View senior says she is excited to graduate and plans to head to a 4 year University on the east coast.

Seay has set up a go fund me site for the gear up program to help prepare the students as they head to college. To donate Click Here

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