High winds across the Midlands causes some damage.


Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The Midlands may have missed on the storms and severe weather, but some areas did receive damage on Wednesday.

A number of areas in Saluda County reported trees down late this morning due to high winds.

Newberry County officials reported several trees down in the city of Newberry and most of the downtown area was without power for portions of Wednesday afternoon.

The Fairfield County Airport in Winnsboro reported a wind gust of 39 MPH, but no damage has been reported.

The damaging winds were not due to thunderstorms, but a result of a strong pressure gradient that moved from east central Georgia and into the Midlands.

This weather phenomenon is known as a "wake low" high wind event.

The term "wake" refers to an area of lower pressure that forms behind, or in the wake of the shower and thunderstorm activity.

The mesoscale area of low pressure combined with a mesoscale area of high pressure can produce very strong winds.

Even though the damage from these mesoscale lows are similar to thunderstorms, they are not associated with thunderstorm activity.

According to NOAA, wake lows are short-lived, generally not well understood, and nearly impossible for forecasters to predict.

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