One of the rescued parrots at ParrotPhernaila will say "Touchdown" on command.


Irmo, SC (WLTX) -- Chari Davis was once in the corporate world of trade shows, but she gave it all up for the birds.

Davis moved to South Carolina from California, driving cross-country bringing along with her 14 birds among other animals.

"We slept at truck stops and I want to tell you something it was the time of my life," said Davis.

Davis turned her passion for parrots into a business, ParrotPhernaila in Irmo.

"I fell in love with a bird in 2001 and ever since then I have developed this passion," said Davis.

Now instead of just selling healthy food, grooming, and boarding parrots, she takes in unwanted and orphaned birds to give them a second chance.

The compassion she shows for the birds has earned her the name the Irmo Bird Whisperer.

Davis said, "I think birds understand more than people give them credit for and I talk to my birds, I don't whisper to them."

She wishes she could talk to people that interested in buying parrots before they make their purchase, because these colorful animals aren't for everyone.

"When people go out and buy a bird and they don't know what they have gotten themselves into and they come to me, I try to help them as much as I can and educate them as much as I can," according to Davis.

If educating the pet parent fails, Davis says there is only one option in her opinion.

Davis said, "If it is too much for them I can take the bird off their hands and re-home it for them because the animal will end up neglected, abused, turned loose, it's just not fair."

Now thanks to Davis the exotic birds that probably wouldn't have made it, are adopted into good, caring homes.

Davis said, "I love it, I wouldn't have it any other way, call me crazy I know I'm crazy."

"How many people you know have this many birds, how many people do you know that would rather feed their birds than themselves, yea I'm crazy whatever, we're all crazy kind of," said Davis

Davis doesn't sell or breed birds, but she does offer some of the rescued birds up for adoption.

She tells us she just got in two 5-month old baby birds, ready for a good home.

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