DAYTONA BEACH, FL (WLTX, WKMG) - According to CBS affiliate WKMG, the South Carolina mom who is facing charges after authorities say she tried to drive her van into the ocean with her kids in it, bonded out of jail Friday night.

Ebony Wilkerson originally had her bond set at $1.2 million, but that was reduced by a judge on Thursday to $90,000.

Wilkerson faces three counts of attempted murder and child abuse.

In her latest hearing, WKMG reports Wilkerson told the court she was back to her 'normal self' and was taking medication daily. Wilkerson recently gave birth to her fourth child, who is now in the custody of the father. The three other children are in the custody of the Department of Children and Families.

As part of the conditions of her release, Wilkerson has to stay in Volusia County, must see a psychiatrist, and have no contact with her children.

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