Sheriff Jim Matthews says its a miracle no one was seriously hurt.


Kershaw County, SC (WLTX) - A high speed chase down I-20 Wednesday ended in a crash with three children inside the suspect's car.

After the crash the driver is seen running down the interstate trying to get away from deputies.

Thursday bond was set for 24 year old Darius Pollard in the amount of $30,000 for failure to stop for blue lights and $800 for not having a license and child endangerment.

"It was an act of God that those three kids weren't injured," said Sheriff Jim Mathews.

Its rush hour traffic on I-20 and deputies clock Pollard going 92 miles per hour down the interstate.

The deputy turned on his lights and sirens but Pollard didn't stop, instead officers say he drove up to 115 miles per hour trying to get away.

"He ultimately tried to pass a pickup truck."

That's when Pollard lost control of his vehicle then crashed. However, instead of giving up; he jumped out of the car and ran away from deputies, leaving his three children in the car.

""I was just scared. I didn't have a license and my kids were in the car," said Pollard to a judge during his bond hearing.

Pollard told the judge his children were one, two and three years old and he was babysitting his kids.

Sheriff Jim Matthews says its a miracle no one was seriously hurt.

"The way the collision took place, instead of being thrown forward they were pressed up against the seat, so it was no place for them to go, so they remained in their seat which was extremely fortunate," said Matthews.

Mathews says deputies looked at Pollards phone and the last text was from the children's mother, telling him to put them in a car seat.

"Thank the Lord above that he did that, that was probably the only responsible thing he did all day."

News 19 spoke with Sheriff Mathews about why Pollard is only facing one charge of child endangerment and three children were in the vehicle.

Mathews says that those are just initial charges and more could come later.

And in case you are wondering, Pollard has a lengthy criminal history including drug charges. He was currently out of jail on probation. His court date for these charges are sometime in July.

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