Study suggests recycling industry in South Carolina has grown from 340 firms in 2006 to more than 520 firms in 2014.


Columbia, SC (WLTX)- Recycling is bringing in a lot of business to the Palmetto state.

Dr. Frank Hefner of the College of Charleston has updated a study from 2006 about the economic impact of recycling in South Carolina.

According to the study, the industry has an annual total economic impact of $13 billion dollars. There are 22,403 jobs attributable to recycling in South Carolina.

Daytona Jarman with A Recycling Center on Fontaine Road says they pump in $1 million dollars in the local economy.

"If you can keep something out of the landfill why wouldn't you? It is easily done and lots of areas have boxes for curbside services. Throw your stuff in there and it takes very little effort and does great benefit," said Jarmen.

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