Common Core isn't just a fight between lawmakers and the Department of Education. It also involves students and teachers.

"The bad apple is a bad apple any way you slice it," Jennifer Thomas said.

Thomas made the choice to homeschool her children early on and says the curriculum and standards challenged her children to be good students.

"It was great throughout the last eight years until last school year that all of a sudden we were told we have to do Common Core," she said.

Thomas' teachings are also supplemented with a virtual charter school program, which adheres to Common Core.

"I have a strong mathematics background and when I looked at it, it was very confusing, the method of it. I know how to solve it, the method that I've learned when I was in college and high school," Thomas said. "I know how to do it however the way they want you to figure it out was totally confusing."

Thomas is also a part of South Carolina Parents Involved In Education, which opposes common core.

And after rallying with many other parents, Thomas can't see why the standards need to be implemented in the review process.

"Why is it? Who and what group is bringing this back into the picture, that's the part I do not understand," she said.

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